Reasons to Join PMI

  1. Support to develop professionally and achieve your career goals
  2. Recognition for the great work you do
  3. The chance to be part of our transformation into a more agile, focused, and customer-centric organization
  4. A friendly, inclusive culture that welcomes new ideas
  5. Generous highly valued benefits plus paid holiday and personal time off
  6. Bonus opportunities that give you a stake in our success
  7. Flexibility for work-life balance
Opportunities at PMI

What You’ll Get From Working For Us

Benefit from an excellent total package.

We provide competitive compensation, pay for performance, and opportunities for recognition awards and bonuses. You can also count on generous time off and flexibility. Exactly how it is configured depends on where you are in the world.

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Grow professionally, whatever your role.

We’ll work with you to make the right development choices for your career. The skills you gain will help you to get the most out of your time with us, and help accelerate achieving your goals.

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Make an impact from day one.

You’ll be able to step into a team and reach our goals together—embracing challenges, exploring new ideas, and striving to exceed customer expectations—while working with integrity, competence and commitment.

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Be part of a culture you can be proud of.

We’re friendly and inclusive – it’s what makes us unique. You will bring us your first-rate skills to shine in your role, and we’ll support and help you from the moment you join. It’s also essential that you’re willing to embrace and exemplify the cultural values of our organization.

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Our Cultural Values


You’ll put our customers and stakeholders at the heart of everything you do.



You’ll work well with others and manage people and relationships with diplomacy and poise.



You'll always be asking, ‘Could we do this better?’ And you’ll use your initiative to make change happen.



You’ll trust your colleagues and be trustworthy yourself.



You’ll understand that you’re responsible for your actions and their outcomes.