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August "Lunch and Learn webinar": Common Project Problems



August "Lunch and Learn webinar": Common Project Problems - Spotting showstoppers before they stop the show!

All Projects Have Problems!

  • Recognize that problems exist.
    • Not all problems require immediate action.
    • Some don’t require any action at all, just careful monitoring.
    • Large and/or urgent problems require immediate attention, effective action, and a bottle of Advil.
      • Large problems often have multiple owners and involve several resources or large sums of money and can jeopardize budget, specification, resources, and scheduling. They also take a lot of time to resolve.
  • Small and/or non-urgent problems often take care of themselves as the project moves forward.
    • Small problems often can be solved quickly and with minimal resources. Non-urgent problems can be deferred until later without impact to the project, the client, or the company.
    • Safety problems must be addressed immediately to avoid death, destruction, and lawsuits.
  • Most problems are predictable!


Laszlo J. Kremmer, PMP


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A rendezvény típusa: Lunch & Learn Webinar

Dátum: 26 Augusztus 2020

Óra: 12:00 - 13:00

Nyelv: Angol

PDU pontok száma: 1.0

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