Lunch and Learn: MOL Campus Story - How we delivered MOL Campus on time and budget



MOL Campus is one of the largest property investment of MOL and probably Hungary. Why MOL decided to invest, why did we choose this setup, location. MOL Campus introduction. How the project was delivered and what we believe are the key differences in delivery compare to other property investments.



Péter Varga

"I have been working most of my career in various technology positions . I had a privilige to deliver strategic initiatives from complete digital transformation of financial services, hospitatlity or lately oil and gas industries. I have been working on MOL Campus project from day 0 in various positions , currently heading to delivery and operation of MOL Campus and CEO of MOL Campus. In my other role at MOL Group I am the Group CISO."

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Dátum: 22 november 2023

Óra: 12:00 - 13:00

Nyelv: Magyar

PDU pontok száma: 1.0

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