Lunch and Learn: How to prepare for the CAPM Exam in 8 weeks? And pass in 2022, still.



In this 60 minutes session, I will summarize what the CAPM exam is, how it can enhance your career and how you can "jump" on the project management career path. I will give you a complete breakdown, of how to learn, and what preparation materials you need including your exam strategy as well.

This session will cover the PMI mindset you need to embrace to pass successfully. And more importantly, how to get all this done in only 8 weeks.

It will be a very exciting and interactive session where I share the secret sauce to how to pass by the first try.

In particular before Jan 2023, when the exam format will change.


Gabor Stramb, PMP

CAPM/PMP Prep Coach & Project Management Mentor

Senior Project Manager, PMP since 2018.12+ years of PM experience. MS in project management by George Washington University. Passionate about Project Management.



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Dátum: 12 október 2022

Óra: 12:00 - 13:00

Nyelv: Angol

PDU pontok száma: 1.0

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