Light Up 360 is coming again in the online edition! This interesting 360-seconds format per presentation will take place on May 19, 2022, for the first time organized by PMI Croatia. It will bring together PMI experts from Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Northern Italy and Slovenia, providing participants the perfect opportunity to share knowledge and practice, exchange ideas and have fun in the process.

Light Up 360 embodies the already well-known competition of 360 seconds presentations in English, which will be presented by various project management experts from our PMI community. Attendees will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite presentation, and the winners will be announced at the awards ceremony - the three best presentations will also receive an attractive sponsor award. Participation in the event is an opportunity to earn 2 PDU points, while speakers will be able to earn 5 PDU points.

Light Up 360 is free for all PMI members, project managers and anyone willing to witness such an interesting event and learn something new. Join us online on May 19, 2022 and experience an outstanding day of learning from regional experts in project management, good entertainment and networking with colleagues.

Attendees will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite presentation. The three best presenters will win attractive sponsor awards!

The agenda is full of actual and relevant topic, bringing diversity in all terms:


14:00 - 14:15

Welcome and Opening

Sanja Georgina Stropnik

(PMI Croatia Chapter President)

14:15 - 14:35

217 years

Kristina Ercegović

14:35 - 14:48

Project Delivery Challenges during a war

Oleksandr Liubimov

(PMI Slovenia, Ljubljana)

14:48 - 15:00

Baselines and Project Management KPIs in a Hybrid context

Maria Cristina Barbero

(PMI Northern Italy)

15:00 - 15:10
15:10 - 15:22

Do you see the difference? Lessons on embracing diversity in a project

Eszter Molnár-Füredi

(PMI Budapest Hungary)

15:22 - 15:34

How to cope with a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world

Vesna Hitrec

(PMI Croatia)

15:34- 15:46
Good practices of what to do as project manager during the 1st hour after a disaster occurs

Dirk Withake

(PMI Austria)

15:46 - 16:06

How Span re-aligned its business operations and helped employees after Ukraine invasion

Nikola Dujmović

16:06 - 16:15

Voting, Winner Announcement and Closure

Sanja Georgina Stropnik

(PMI Croatia Chapter President)

Introducing PMI Budapest, Hungarian Chapter's speaker:

Eszter Molnár-Füredi

Presentation: Do you see the difference? Lessons on embracing diversity in a project

My journey in a multi-phased project from facing the diversity of the end user group until turning it into a business opportunity. Generic lessons on what to expect when working with diversity.

About the speaker

Molnár-Füredi Eszter, an experienced project manager working in the air traffic management sector. After graduating in supply chain management, she gained experience in consulting mainly in the aviation sector. Later she transferred to a newly formed project management office at the Hungarian air navigation service provider, to climb the carrier ladder in project management. During this journey, she managed internal development projects, international R&D projects and a major technical transformation program. She led external consultancy projects, and she also started an initiative to support the forming new business ideas of the company. She is eager to understand and empower human actors, in order to achieve this, she is trained in human factors and psychology.


PMI Hungarian Chapter is looking for its speakers, and all those interested can contact with a subject regarding PMI Light Up 360 Presentation. The application deadline is April 24, 2022. 

More about applying for speakers:

  • Applications from project management experts from all Chapters are welcome
  • Applications for speakers are limited, so hurry up and send us your idea for the presentation at 
  • The presentation must last 360 seconds
  • Applications last until April 24, 2022.
  • Self-promotion is not allowed
  • One speaker will be selected to represent each PMI Chapter

Suggested topics for the presentation (you can choose another topic):

  1. Experiences, best practices and plans with hybrid Working Environment
  2. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics for successful Project Management
  3. How to lead projects hit by a natural catastrophe or disastrous geo-political situation
  4. Current trends in Social Responsibility Programs: Diversity and Inclusion; Increased Transparency Demand; Acting locally; Green Technology, etc.
  5. Exploring this year’s Global Megatrends: Digital Disruption; Climate Crisis; Demographic Shifts; Economic Shifts; Labor Shortages; Civil, Civic and Equality Movements

Other suggestions for presentation topics should be related to project management, PM tools, PM methodologies, PM case studies or anything similar.