Mentoring programs at PMI Budapest

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Mentoring is the act of helping someone to improve their project management skills. Mentors are facilitators and catalysts in a process of discovery and insight. In a learning partnership, the mentor’s role is to “guide on the side” rather than “be the expert with the answers”. 

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Beyond sharing the know-how and experience that will allow you to actively contribute to your peers’ growth, you’ll find a relationship with a mentor to be the perfect opportunity to discuss about issues in project management while benefitting from a new outlook.

Mentors at Work

The PMI Budapest Mentor program started at the 1st of March 2020. The program offered three different type of mentorship courses to join, the grow, the rapid, and the reverse mentoring. 30 mentors and 21 mentees are participating in the program, which is still ongoing and planned to finish at the end of august 2020.


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