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Tips for managing isolation and related challenges

Speaker: Dr. Michaela Musilova

Recorded: 05.09.2020.

Abstract: Our Special Guest was, Astrobiologist Dr. Michaela Musilova. She is the Director of the Hawaii - Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) station, which is designed to prepare astronauts, engineers, and scientists for life on the Moon or Mars. The COVID-19 pandemic has put many people worldwide into a similarly isolated state at home, with limited possibilities to go outside and communicate with others. Dr. Musilova will share tips on how to deal with isolation and related challenges during these times, based on her experiences leading analog space missions.

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Strategic Design and Project Delivery

Speaker: Lee R. Lambert, PMP

Recorded: 01.07.2020.

Abstract: The emphasis on strategy in project management has become a critical issue.  Being able to “connect” project efforts/outcomes to organisational Strategy brings relevance to the hard work of project managers. Understanding what the organisation AND the project managers must do to realise the benefits of integrating organisational and project information.

PMI Authorized Training Partner Overview

Speaker: Lysan Drabon, PMI

Recorded: 16.03.2020.

Abstract: Authorized Training Partner Overview Europe Chapters

Disciplined Agile Overview

Speaker: Mark Lines, PMI

Recorded: 28.11.2019.

Abstract: The Disciplined Agile (DA) tool kit supplies straightforward guidance to help you, your team, and your enterprise increase effectiveness. Apply and evolve your way of working (WoW) in a context-sensitive manner with this people-first, learning-oriented hybrid agile approach. 

Relationship of Project Management and Agile

Speaker: Greta Blash, PgMP, PMP, PMI-PBA, PMI-ACP

Recorded: 24.09.2019.

Abstract: With the growing awareness of agile frameworks and methods, PMI created the Agile Practice Guide which was delivered with the 6th edition of the PMBOK Guide. Rather than viewing these two areas as philosophically opposed to each other, common convictions and needs were addressed. These combined methods are key to improving project results in an ever-changing business environment.