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Global Project Management Job Trends 2024


Project professionals can advance their careers — and increase earning power — by identifying talent gaps, knowing what matters most to organizations and knowing which skills are in high demand. To see emerging trends and how AI is changing the job landscape, download our full report.

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PMI 2020 Signposts Report


6 Global Business Trends Driving The Project Economy and What They Mean for Project Leaders

Project leaders can’t truly deliver value if they’re operating in a vacuum. In the PMI 2020 Signposts Report, we assess six of the most pressing business trends around the globe—climate change, AI, globalization, the infrastructure gap, cybersecurity, shifting demographics—and explore how they are influencing the work of project leaders.

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 Rising Salaries in The Project Economy

Do you know your earning potential? Now you have access to the most comprehensive look at project managers’ salaries.

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