Szinergia Ltd.

Szinergia Ltd. is a key player in the field of corporate and organizational consulting and training, primarily focusing on project management. We have over 25 years of experience in solving complex organizational problems, delivering training packages and unique trainings.

Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of companies, and more than 19,000 people attended our trainings.


Our main services:

  1. Project Management

We help project-oriented organizations to achieve more effective and successful projects. In addition we support functional organizations in implementing project management.

Possible ways of cooperation & our main focuses:

  • Developing the methodology of project management and portfolio management with a practical toolkit that fits the structure and culture of the company
  • Developing a complete IT background of project and portfolio management As Project Managers, we undertake the management of core or non-core (internal, non-client) projects
  • We support “on the job” our Client’s Project Managers throughout the entire or partial project lifecycle
  • Performing quality assurance of strategic projects
  • We train the Client's employees on a wide range from Project Members, through Project Managers to the top management and sponsorship level
  • We assess the maturity and ability of the organizational project management, propose possible developmental directions and support the realization of the developmental road map


  1. Agility

We support projects and organizations to implement agile values ​​in their practical tools and approach.

Possible ways of cooperation:

  • Supporting a specific project through its key players with an agile toolkit via consulting and training
  • We grant key players to a specific project: Scrum Master and / or Product Owner
  • Training the organization at every level with different content focus along with agile values
  • Assessing the organization's agile maturity, focusing on its readiness for a planned agile transformation
  • We perform organizational-wide agile transformation


  1. Organizational development

We seek a balance of goals, responsibilities, authorities, processes, and interests. We support the evolutionary development of organizations in the following areas: strategy planning, change management, agile operation transformation, process optimization and the development of a constructive culture.

Possible ways of cooperation:

  • Contact us for revolutionary improvement in the case of a company emergence, or a transition to a project-based operation, or in the event of a change in management. During our work, we also focus on the internal operation of the company, its competitors and customers, partners, and the interactions with them. We do all this by working within the organization, participating in their everyday life and meetings.
  • Regarding family-owned companies we help them to balance business aspects with family relations while we ensure their development and assist the change of generations. We reduce role conflicts between family and business. We work together on “hard elements” (processes, goals, tools, machines, etc.) and on “soft elements” (trust, communication, leadership, values, norms, culture). We prepare the families for potential and unexpected changes (marriage, adulthood of children, role of siblings in ownership and management, divorce, etc.). We develop a system of values, norms and rules of operation which ensures sustainable success across generations.


  1. Trainings

Supporting individuals and organizations in their development with practice-oriented, real-life experience-based trainings.

Possible ways of cooperation:

  • Traditional Project Management trainings: practice-oriented trainings based on case studies for project members, project managers and upper management
  • Agile trainings: attitude-forming, practical, leadership and role-preparing (Product Owner, Scrum Master) trainings
  • Exam preparation courses: we support the acquisition of international qualifications from the American Project Management Institute (PMI) with intensive training: Senior Project Manager (PMP), Junior Project Manager (CAPM), Business Analyst (PBA) and Agile Project Manager (ACP)
  • Skills development trainings: we train employees, project managers and organizational leaders to promote their leadership skills and soft skills in particular topics (e.g. targeted use of personality typologies) or in a complex way (e.g. leadership improvement with modular competence development)


  1. Digital solutions

We provide IT solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, with the help of which they can manage their processes and projects in one system at both managerial and employee levels. 

Possible ways of cooperation:

  • Consolidation of IT systems: we examine how to streamline the IT systems used for different workflows, either by interconnecting them or by replacing them.
  • Team and project work support with MS Office 365 tools integrated into your business workflow
  • Development of automatic dashboards for managerial decision support and controlling purposes
  • IT mapping of a full-fledged corporate governance with MS Dynamics 365