Practice guides provide supporting information and instruction to help you apply PMI standards.

Practice guides may become potential standards and if so, would undergo the process for development of full consensus standards.


Benefits Realization Management

Benefits realization is the common thread that runs from organizational strategy through project deliverables that contribute benefits. However, research has revealed Benefits Realization Management (BRM) practices are not clearly understood, and not used effectively in the management of portfolios, programs and projects.

agile-practice-guide.jpg Agile Practice Guide 

Created in partnership with Agile Alliance®, the Agile Practice Guide provides tools and guidelines to enable better results.

requirements-management-practice-guide.jpg Requirements Management: A Practice Guide 

This guide gives practitioners clear guidance on the tasks and techniques of requirements development and management. Requirements Management: A Practice Guide is a bridge between A Guide to the…

governance-of-portfolios-programs-and-projects.jpg Governance of Portfolios, Programs, and Projects: A Practice Guide 

Take a closer look at the different types of governance and learn how you can implement or enhance governance on your portfolios, programs, and projects

business-analysis-practitioners-a-practice-guide.jpg Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide 

Practical advice that will help you better meet customer expectations and deliver solutions that drive business value.

navigating-complexity-a-practice-guide.jpg Navigating Complexity: A Practice Guide 

Understand how to navigate complexity in projects and programs using principles, tools and techniques referenced in the PMBOK® Guide and other PMI foundational standards.

managing-change-organizations-a-practice-guide.jpg Managing Change in Organizations: A Practice Guide 

Go in-depth on the change management processes discussed in our foundational standards. This guide helps project and program managers to identify and account for change elements within a project or…