Sprint Consulting

Founded in 2008, Sprint Consulting today is a market leading agile training and consulting, coaching company in the CEE region. At Sprint Consulting we teach and customize software development methodologies, transforming multinational organizations and major national companies using Agile and Lean approaches. As a Scrum Alliance Registered Education Ally, Sprint Consulting is accredited by the two largest Agile organizations in the world.

Why Sprint Consulting?

  • A market-leading Agile training and consulting company in the CEE region
  • Team of senior, well-known experts perform the services
  • Extensive experience
  • Unique approach in transforming companies / products / projects to Agile
  • Wide Agile training and consulting service portfolio
  • Registered Education Ally (REA) of Scrum Alliance
  • Corporate member of Agile Alliance
  • Teaching Agile at 4 well-known universities in 2 countries
  • High number of clients (both B2B and B2C)


Sprint Consulting’s service portfolio includes:

  • Initial consultation with a trainer / consultant in order to acquire the necessary information and get a high-level understanding of the client's situation and goals.
  • Several training and training programme offerings, both in-house and open.
  • Agile transformation how-to, an introductory presentation for Management teams about the process and steps of Agile transformations and/or Agile itself, in order to support go / no-go decisions.
  • Agile assessment and audit services to assess the current state of the client organization (either Agile or not) and provide a detailed proposal on how to implement a transformation programme or improve the current level of Agility.
  • Agile transformation / transition to teach, implement and customize the right Agile framework(s), to ensure that the new, tailored and if necessary, scaled methodology brings the expected results for the organization and to kick-start the cultural change that is necessary in order to become a truly Agile organization.
  • Ad-hoc coaching in cases where very specific, short-term support (e.g. facilitation of a big room / PI planning, Agile coach clinic) is required.
  • Internal coach/consultant interim support in cases when our client’s do not have yet the necessary resources to fill in this internal role.


Our training catalogue offers a wide range of Agile training courses carefully adjusted to your needs and designed to be inspiring and transformative experiences for you. On our training courses we encourage interaction and collaboration because the more involved you are, the more positive the outcome is. Our trainers understand your personal learning needs and having years of industry experience, they offer lots of personal real-life stories and case studies, can answer your practical questions as well as explain the theoretical topics.



A service provider is often judged by numbers. Have a look at our achievements.


3-600 project size


15 000+ participants


25+ countries


500+ clients


30+ types of courses


5 countries constantly


65+ Agile transformations


155+ teams


60+ products


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