A short introduction to Holmen Ltd. 

Our main activity is adult education, in which the emphasis is on the development of organizational, group and personal effectiveness, in the form of customized organizational training, lectures and workshops, as well as in open forms of educational events that can be visited by anyone. In addition to effectiveness and efficiency, achieving well-being is key at all levels, including well-being, mood, and feelings during the training.

In the field of counseling, our goal is also to achieve organizational, group, and personal effectiveness and well-being, and in coaching, the creation of autonomy should be emphasized.

Project management A to Z  

From the 1-2-day basic training of the project members and the contributors to the project to the multi-day training adapted to the different levels of knowledge and experience of the project managers, we did and do training and lectures for all relevant target groups. Our trainers have trained thousands of Hungarian project specialists in the past years.

Our customer satisfaction rate is 96%.

Our development activities in the field of project management and team effectiveness:

Multi-day, complex project management training (classroom, online, or mixed):

  • Effective task accomplishment using project management
  • Project management basics (tailored to target groups)
  • Agile project management basics
  • Advanced project management
  • PMP® exam preparation
  • Management skills for project managers

1 to 2-day thematic project management training:

  • Stakeholder management training
  • Schedule and resource plan creation
  • How to use Microsoft Project
  • Risk management training
  • Effective communication in projects
  • Mindfulness for project managers

Project management consulting

  • Development of organizational project management (eg. development of methodology, elaboration of project operating rules, organizational integration, pm career system, etc.)
  • Consulting on specific projects (project diagnosis, project management development, cooperation development)
  • Project manager on-the-job or consulting / coaching support
  • Taking over some project tasks (stakeholder management tasks, workshop moderation)

Project management coaching

  • Coaching of project members, project managers
  • Project owner/sponsor coaching
  • Coaching of relevant functional managers

Leadership, management

Development of leadership skills, covering all its areas, according to today's needs (eg. transformational leadership, coaching-based leadership, agility): Leadership and management, motivating, inspiring, communication, decision-making, conflict management, handling personal differences, delegation, reporting, etc. In addition to training, leadership coaching is also available.

Personal effectiveness

Our training in the following topics are implemented separately or in some combination:

  • self-knowledge
  • emotional intelligence
  • communication
  • achieving goals
  • effective problem solving
  • home office challenges
  • time management
  • conflict management
  • problem-solving
  • change management
  • work-life balance
  • stress management
  • mindfulness

In addition to the training, individual counseling and coaching is also available on a variety of life management and effectiveness/efficiency improvement topics.