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PMPub 12th September-Események

PMPub 12th September

PMPub 12th September

PMI Budapest Chapter is pleased to announce that the next PMPub will take place on 12th September 2018!

The event’s topic is “Perspectivism in Project Management – the facets of truth”.

Even one fact seems to have several “versions of truth” in it when it comes to project management. Why is that? Why the different players do not see eye to eye? This is a question we do not talk about much because the team members have a conflict of interest and discussing such issues would reveal your weaknesses which is undesirable during a project.

When you run a project you will meet with obstacles, issues without any doubt. How the participant see and interpret such obstacles and issues that is quite another question: what a Product Owner sees as a small, but essential issue which will cause immerse issue later and shall be fixed ASAP to avoid cascading effects, the Scrum Master might envision as only a small inconvenience throughout the whole project. This will evidently cause a lots of noise which needs to be managed (and sometimes it requires enormous efforts to do so). Why they see it differently, who is right and how we can bridge that difference that are the most interesting questions during the lifeline of a project.

• Step 0: can the team members have an honest conversation on the different facets of truth?
• Step 1: Identify the issue
• Step 2: Identify the different point of views
• Step 3: Assess the difference and eliminate as much as possible. If not, then asses the risks of not maintaining/minimizing such difference)
• Step 4: Start over with the next one.

Let’s discuss our experiences and find possible ways to minimize the noise.

Our guest, Anna Juhász is a business architect of a large ERP Project at an international service company.

We are looking forward to an engaging and collaborative session.

Come and take part in the PMPub!

Event Properties

Event Date 09-12-2018
Event End Date 09-12-2018
Registration Start Date 08-24-2018
Cut off date 09-12-2018
Individual Price Free
Location Szimpla Kert
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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