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One Day Seminar: How to Reduce Risk, Lower Costs and Increase Success of Your Projects

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One Day Seminar: How to Reduce Risk, Lower Costs and Increase Success of Your Projects (includes FREE e-learning module!)

Language: English (with Ukrainian and Russian interpreter services)
Price: USD 1500, pre-payment only
Note: Early-bird discount: 20% off, if paid on or before October 1st!
Participation in this seminar provides 6 PDUsInternationally renowned project risk expert Jan Erik Horgen, PMP, PMI-RMP, from Norway is in Kiev for this date only, to conduct a seminar on how to reduce risk, lower costs, and ultimately increase the chance of success in your projects.

Participation is strictly limited to 40 attendees! We cannot guarantee availability, so please book early!

"Jan Erik is a knowledgeable and well-structured expert in the field. Based on my more than 25 years of working in the field of project management, Jan Erik is highly recommendable for any endeavor that he takes on in regard to project management and adjacent topics.Torben Grut Chair Swedish Technical Committee SIS TK510 Head of Swedish ISO Delegation 2007-2012

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About Jan Erik Horgen
Jan Erik Horgen is Partner in Holte Consulting, a company with 35 years' experience in giving advice to large, complex and difficult projects.

Jan Erik became Norway's first internationally certified Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) in 2009. Since 2008 he has participated in the global process to make an ISO standard of project management, a standard recently released as ISO 21500.

He is a cum laude undergraduate of Wharton School of Business in the U.S., and has lived in Moscow, Russia, where he worked in the management board of Vimpelcom as Vice President Product Division. He has conducted numerous seminars on managing risk in projects, with very positive feedback from participants.

Jan Erik Horgen is working every day in the field of risk management, bringing many years of practical experience to his seminars. Every year he reviews and advices owners and project managers of projects with a total worth of many billion UAH, in project driven sectors such as defense, energy and construction. The performance track record of projects he has advised is remarkable.

About Risk Management
Risk management of projects is a tool to describe where in the project you need to focus your actions. Increased awareness of key risk drivers will make budgets realistic and the right priorities will guide you along the path of project execution.

As an owner and funder of projects, do you know the key risk drivers in your main projects? Can you rank them and quantify the cost risk?

As a project manager, do you know if your budget is appropriate to the task you have accepted? If a budget increase is needed, do you have the tools to convincingly show how much?

Holte Consulting is proud to bring you their tried and tested project risk management seminar, with FREE e-learning module!

You qualify for participation in this limited seating event if you are a:
• Project owner or funder
• Project Manager
• Project steering committee member
• Work with governance of projects, such as controller, CFO, PMO

How to Reduce Risk, Lower Costs and Increase Success of Your Projects
Esemény időpontja: 
2012. October 29., 8:30 - 16:00
Esemény helyszín: 
Opera Hotel, B. Khmelnitskogo Str. 53, Schevchenkivskyj, Kiev, Ukraine
Előadó neve: 
Jan Erik Horgen

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