PMI Budapest Hungarian Chapter will organize its 6th Art of Project conference on 8th November!

One of our key speakers is Kamil Mroz, global project, program, and portfolio management leader, project management trainer, whose topic is about: How can a Project manager be successful working with complex systems, stakeholders, and processes?

According to PMI, through 2020, 1.57 million new project management jobs will be created every year worldwide and so the 21st century is full of opportunities to launch a career in Project Management. However, the future of Project Management will not be based on the status quo, but rather on quickly adapting to the characteristics of the 21st century, which are: Diversity, Ambiguity, Complexity, Rapidly Changing and Inter-dependence (DACRI). Project Management is both an art and a science – and while we are expected to drive progress and performance; PMs must also decipher complex systems, stakeholders, and processes to drive change. Our responsibility as PMs is to take charge of our own energy and then help to orchestrate the energy of those around to drive performance with a strong combination of technical, leadership and interpersonal skills. How do we as Project Managers stay ahead and successfully navigate such complexity? What skills, experiences, and competencies do we need to get ahead and stay ahead to unwind the rapid pace of technology that is compounding today's complex business landscape? 

As the speed of uncertainty and change is increasing exponentially, today's Project Managers are facing extraordinary challenges. To sustain the growth of the golden years of project management, Project Managers must make a leap beyond their comfort zone. Project managers must adapt to the changing technological and business environment - and rise above today’s challenges. The profession must make a fundamental evolutionary step to focus on value-adding competencies and skills that cannot be easily replaced by software or outsourced to AI. The advance of AI is uncertain – but uncertainty is in the DNA of Project Managers. Think about it – Project Managers make certain of what is uncertain. You can say change is in their DNA. Here are a few transformative tips that will help Project Managers manage the complexity of the 21st century and stay at the cutting edge:

  1. Communicate starting with the WHY
  2. Coach and Mentor to develop a sense of Deep-Listening
  3. Service is Leadership: Become a Volunteer 
  4. Explore your Project EQ: Process Knowledge is about IQ
  5. Inspire Resourcefulness: By Becoming a PM Intra-preneur
  6. Build Your Project Culture

You can register the conference here.

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