Geoff Reiss, M. Phil, B.Sc., Honorary Fellow of APM. Association for Project Management, UK. He is an accomplished speaker on the world’s greatest projects; a world expert on project and program management.

Geoff Reiss has focussed throughout his 30 year career on project and programme management. He is a Fellow of the Association for Project Management and Chairman of ProgM, the Association for Project Management/British Computer Society Specific Interest Group in Programme Management. 

Geoff has a master’s degree in project management. He sat on UK government’s review panels and has worked with a wide range of major organization to improve their ability to deliver projects successfully including Lloyds of London; Serco, Standard Chartered, Fortis and Barclays Banks and CitiCorp; British Aerospace; Barco, Panasonic and many, many others.

Geoff Reiss has written four books: Project Management Demystified (3 editions, 15 reprints) and Portfolio and Programme Management Demystified have become two of Britain’s bestselling books in their topics. His book One Project Too Many, jointly authored with Geof Leigh is a Novel Approach to the Management of Projects, Portfolios, and Programme. He led the author team for The Gower Handbook of Programme Management.

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You can find more information on him at his webpage: 

His presentation at Art of Projects conference “The ghosts of project managers’ past” is a motivational talk highlights great man who gave their lives, or more often the lives of their fellow men, en route to their great achievements, great challenges, and fantastic failures. Specially Featured is the career of Edward de Lesseps who successfully delivered the Suez Canal, become world famous, and then crashed on a failed attempt at Panama.

This story - and many similar ones from the past like the Pyramids, Great Wall, Panama, Taj Mahal, Abu Simbel, the Hoover Dam, the Ascent of Everest, the Moon Landing and the Manhattan Project – asks this question: given our 21st century attitude to safety and risk, could we ever deliver such great projects again?

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