pmi aop 5 logoThe 5th Art of Project conference is just around the corner: on the 9th of November, we’ll invite you for an adventure to the miraculous world of project management! And while you’re with us, don’t forget to check in the next day as well: on the 10th of November, the MasterClass workshop will take place, with topics connected to the conference!

At the Art of Projects conference, a number of wonderful speakers and project managers are going to deliver presentations about various topics, such as:

  • “Why Business Analyst should be the best friend of the Project Manager?”: a presentation by Bart Bernink PMP, CIPM, MPM, CBAP, independent senior business improvement consultant and trainer
  • “The ghosts of project managers’ past”: a motivational talk by Geoff Reiss, M. Phil, B.Sc., Honorary Fellow of APM. Association for Project Management, UK
  • “Alice in Projectland: The Adventures of a Curious Project Manager”: a presentation by Giusi Meloni, PMP®, CSM®, independent Trainer and Coach in project management. Alice in Wonderland is also the main theme of our 5th conference
  • “The Castle: A Jolly Tale on the Use of Project Documentation”: a tale told by Jürgen Van Gorp, PhD, hands-on project manager, enterprise architect and technical writer
  • Seven lessons about leadership: a personal presentation and storytelling by Paul Hodgkins, trainer, coach and consultant at Paul Hodgkins Project Consultancy company, and fellow of the Association for Project Management, UK

At every Art of Projects, we try to show how performing arts meet projects. This year, our special production will be the contemporary adult puppet theater Nylon Group by Angéla Eke and Sándor Márkus. Their topic is their project from the university to the real world including artistic messages, usage of media and the financial issues of the young artists to develop their own language and life, and they’ll also perform a small act.

On the following day, Paul Hodgkins will take the stage again at the MasterClass seminar and talk about Organizational Project Management (OPM). The class will include a case study about the way how Siemens implemented OPM on a global basis. You’ll learn about the following topics:

  • What does ‘Organizational Project Management’ (OPM) mean and why is it important?
  •  What are your organisational goals and aspirations?
  •  Does the vision for the development of project and program management understandable?

If you would like to join our conference and seminar last-minute, you can still register for both of them! Group Discounts are also available. For registration and further information about the prices, check:
Art of Projects

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