Hello Wood started as an art camp in 2010 for students in architecture and design and has grown into a unique artcamp festival involving more than 20 universities and 30 countries, seeking sustainable and replicable models for achieving social benefits and improving quality of life through architecture and design.

Dr David Hillson, The Risk Doctor

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David has a global reputation as an excellent speaker and presenter on risk. Countless individuals, teams and organisations have benefited from his blend of thought-leadership with practical application, presented in an accessible style that combines clarity with humour. 

He also shares his insights regularly through books, papers and articles. He consults, writes and speaks widely on the topic and he has made several innovative contributions to the field. David’s motto is “Understand profoundly so you can explain simply, ensuring that his work represents both sound thinking and practical application.

David Hillson has over 25 years’ experience in risk consulting and he has worked in more than 40 countries, providing support to clients in every major industry sector, including construction, mining, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, finanservices, transport, fast-moving consumer goods, energy, IT, defence and government. David’s input includes strategic direction to organisations facing major risk challenges, as well as tactical advice on achieving value and competitive advantage from effectively managing risk.

"Harley is a talented, dynamic speaker, whose talks I find both insightful and entertaining. He delivers his unique blend of wisdom and humor in a compelling, easy-to-follow style, combining solid business advice with illustrative true-life stories."
Larry Moffett, Managing Partner, e-Strategy

CVdD 212710 0Harley Lovegrove was born in South East London in 1957. His father was an architect and his mother an artist. Harley grew up in a mixed environment of culture and enterprise. He formed his first company at the age of 21 while working as a junior marketing assistant for an industrial company in London.

His career path began with teaching music, and then veered its way through recruitment, marketing, sales and eventually to becoming the owner of a photographic and marketing services business aimed at the UK’s building sector.

In 1995 Harley moved to Belgium where he earned a living importing UK building products onto the Belgian market. Twelve months later he joined a very small Belgian high technology software company (Eonic Systems) where he was taken on in the position of office manager. Working alongside the CEO, the company grew rapidly and Harley took on the responsibility of COO. Within a period of less than four years the company opened development and satellite sales offices in the US, Germany, Korea, India, Brazil, China, and the UK. Eonic Systems was sold to an American multi-national in 2001.

Since 2000, Harley has taken up numerous interim management posts working for a variety of businesses from high technology and software to petrochemical, transport, mobile telecommunications, banking and apparel.

Simona Bonghez
Simona Bonghez site FCRP2016

With a solid theoretical and practical experience in Management (expertise in Change Management, Process Management, Organizational Design, Strategic Management and business planning), Simona carried out various training and development programs in this area (including the development of support materials), supplemented with consulting services (current situation analysis, business development, business plan execution, management of repositioning and radical transformation projects) in Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Moldova Republic.

Her over 20 years of experience in Project Management (three international certifications in project management offered by Project Management Institute, International Project Management Association, and the UK Office of Government Commerce), coupled with over 15 years experience in adult education and project management training delivery represent Simona’s personal advantage.

Omar Zein
is a project management consultant with an engineering background.


He was born in Saudi Arabia to Syrian parents, moved to the United Kingdom as a teenager and now lives and works in both the UK and Italy. Omar’s experience combines project management in manufacturing, IT, finance and European Commission development programmes in the Middle East and Europe. He is Director of Projectize Ltd (UK) and President of the European School of Project Management (Italy).

In recent years, Omar refined and structured his approach to managing culture and diversity what he started to research in 1993; as to better help his clients achieve harmony, efficiency and stakeholders’ satisfaction. His book "Culture and Project Management" was published by Gower in April 2015.

"Most international initiatives today involve both cross-cultural and multicultural work These complexities of our times are exactly what drove me to develop my approach to managing cultural diversity at work." - he said.

You can find out more about Omar and his culture work at www.CulturePM.com.


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