Our strategy is simple: deliver value, be relevant, grow.

Let’s do great things together.

~ Mark A. Langley PMI President and CEO


In August, the 2017 PMI Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan for PMI. 

For nearly 50 years, PMI has played a significant role in the growth of individuals who call the practice of project, program, and portfolio management their profession. In the last half century, project management has grown into a valued organization competency. As technology impacts the work we do and enables customers to be involved in every part of the business value chain, the Institute remains steadfast in its effort to drive value by making project management indispensable for business results.

To prepare for the future, PMI is redefining what it means to be a professional association, while staying true to our roots. PMI’s new strategic direction is driven by shifting workplace priorities, evolving demographics and behaviors, as well as emerging technology and trends in business and society.

PMI has chosen a three-pronged strategy: the Institute will sharpen its strategic focus, build-out capabilities to be customer-centric, and reorganize to become agile. The following strategic objectives are those that will help PMI achieve its long-term vision: 

playing to win

1. Strategic Focus

Strategic Focus PMI has decided to narrow the institute's focus from three markets (academic, organizational and practitioner) to one: the individual. Going forward, PMI will offer project professionals all the skills they need to advance in their project management careers.

2. Customer Centricity

Customer centricity is about gaining a deep understanding of our primary customers so we can improve what we offer, how we offer it, and when we offer it to them. That requires us to put the customer at the forefront, deliver consistently high-quality experiences irrespective of how they interact with us, and be relevant and valuable throughout our customers’ careers.

3. Organizational Agility

Organizational agility is about improving PMI’s ability to identify and respond to emerging opportunities. This involves establishing quicker decision cycles, developing new staff capabilities, aligning teams across segments, integrating the voice of the customer, managing risk, and sourcing new business capabilities.

To inform the strategy and future direction, PMI has adopted the Playing to Win framework globally used by many leading organizations to develop and communicate strategy.

Applying the Playing to Win framework has helped PMI to make several choices about the type of organization the Institute wants to be. To be successful, PMI must focus on the customer, build a connected community, deliver transformative experiences, and measure the impact of the choices made.


Significant changes are happening in the workplace that directly impact the members, certification holders, volunteers, and interested practitioners of PMI.

PMI’s future is bright. If we can make it easier for our core customers to do business with us, we can more effectively help them distinguish themselves in a meaningful way for their employers. By bringing value to our core customers’ careers, they will become champions for our organization, thereby allowing us to impact more individuals in the project management field, as well as individuals using project management skills in other industries.

The Board of Directors supports PMI’s strategic choices because we know that when we deliver value, we remain relevant. And when we are relevant, we continue to grow. That is the best way to secure the Institute’s success for the next 50 years.

Learn how we will reach PMI 2.0 by reading the 2017 PMI Strategic Plan in its entirety.

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