Workshop 2nd

Agility over the development team

Meaning of agile in an enterprise from the management perspective


Moderator: Bence Kulcsár

Agile in common thinking means scrum methodology for development teams. Scrum is an agile framework which based on lean fundamentals and implements agile principles as an open toolset with nine hard rules. One of the main goals of agile is creating higher customer satisfaction with early and frequent higher value delivery. At this point most of the enterprises fail because to getting better in that attitude requires agile thinking on all corporate levels.

To achieving that goal is not just a scrum team responsibility. It is the responsibility of the whole organization and further as well as the customer side. Implementing and improving an agile value driven system is however a management challenge. This course helps to understand the underlying principles and theories which are essentials for getting amanager more successful in transforming the enterprise more agile.

Course outline

Which lean principles should we know when we do agile?
Why not enough is a scrum team for an agile enterprise?
How can we make agile things against the governance model?
Our organization is so big, how should we set up a program or portfolio management with agile?
How can we make a trusted agile project controlling toolset?
How different is agile KPIs from traditional IT project KPIs?
As a manager how should I improve higher value creation?
As a manager how should I forming a real agile team and not just a group?
Manager versus agile manager, how should I change?
Which are the relevant problems with top managements and how can we unlock?
Agile is more like culture than process, what should I know about culture change as a change leader?
As a manager how should I change my environment to get my company more agile?
How helped agile for a program manager in a big project - case study

Course presenter

Bence Kulcsár – agile coach at A scrum specialist and enterprise agile transformation consultant with more than 15 years enterprise software development and IT business experiences. Bence is passionate about agile and building working and improving scrum systems. Working with smart people is always inspires me for creating something new - and getting better.

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