agile aheadAuthor:  Valentin Nemeth, PMP, S4A - Head of Continuous Delivery Customer Solutions at E.ON Business Services. I felt the urge to write a short update to my earlier Agile Panorama of Hungary. 

The post on Fake-Agile which I shared a few weeks back, made me think and view the Hungarian Agile scene with different, maybe even more critical eyes. The post listed a number of ways, you can call your organization Agile and unfortunately even believe that...but with time passing, you might see chaos rising, feel like you are losing control and miss the expected results.

Recently, I have been in contact with a number of Agile service providers (Coaches, transformation specialists, SCRUM operatives and even strategic advisors) and the phenomenon they have ALL reported was completely in line with my greatest fears. Namely, that the vast majority of "Agile-subjects"-companies somewhere along the transformation journey- are dumbfounded by the lack of results and the mess created in the organization. So now they, stop, evaluate, endure...


agile ahead

As already highlighted earlier, in one of my first posts, this is the direct result of high-roller advisors selling the most simple and rigid Agile framework (a contradiction in itself) as a uniform solution, without (having or) sharing the knowledge with their clients on applicability of the model.

  • So, the situation is pretty severe, but not unexpected. If you try to adopt a model that was never meant for you, without you knowing anything about it and its interfaces to other parts of your's a one-way dead-end.
  • Just to make sure I said that: If you are in a similar situation, THE WORST YOU CAN DO IS STOP, BLAME AND RETURN TO THE OLD WORLD.
  • As someone, who has seen these models, adjusted, applied and re-adjusted them, I can only advise you, FORGET ENFORCING A SINGLE TEMPLATE OR FRAMEWORK!
  • Agile itself is meant to be applied in an Agile way... it's not the process description, it's your organization that should define the Way of Working.
  • Get rid of Spotify-sects (nothing against the model, only against using it blindly) and find someone, who will ask you and understand how your company works, what is deemed to present value in it, plus has enough gray-matter to fabricate something that works for you! Think: what good does it do to you, if you can say, you run Spotify or SAFe, if it does not fit your purpose. At the same time, you could say: we combined elements of numerous proven frameworks, which are applied and continuously adjusted to present a global optimum FOR US!

Parallel to this, those who were/are not afraid to experiment in silence, gain further advantage and realize tangible benefits of living by the values of an Agile mindset, by focusing on one thing only: What makes sense for us?

I am all hopes that decisionmakers realize where the error lies (please read this post several more times) and act on the issue, instead of blacklisting Business Agility... remember: it's never the method, it's the application!

#Agile #ScaledAgile

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