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Project managers are also moving to cyberspace


On November 5, PMI Budapest, Hungarian Chapter will host the annual Art of Projects international conference, this time in a virtual space. Read more: http://www.pmibudapestevents.hu/

It is both a constraint and an opportunity for a conference to move into virtual space. This is also shown by the Art of Projects  conference organized by PMI Budapest, Hungarian Chapter for many years , which the organizers advertise as the largest English-language project management conference in Central Europe - probably rightly so. This year’s November 5, 2020 program is a good illustration of how to forge a virtue out of a constraint: program leaders can soar because speakers are much more flexible, coordination becomes easier.

For such a presentation, it is probably much easier to get an interesting-important professional to live in any corner of the world than one that involves a long journey, as almost everyone can add a time slot of 20-30 minutes to their calendar if they do not have to. plus be three days away from work. This opportunity was also used by the organizers of Art of Projects.

One of the sure points of the conference is that the program will be   led by György Bőgel, a professor at CEU. And there is no change in the fact that this year there will be a master class the day after the conference. On November 6,  dr. Agata Czopek,  president of PMI’s Swiss Chapter and head of digital marketing development at Philip Morris, will hold a three-hour workshop. The topic of the course is career building. According to the  description,  participants will be able to learn about the five most important skills that will be available in the labor market in the future.

The organizers did everything possible to preserve one of the most important values ​​of the conferences, the opportunity to exchange personal experiences. If this is not possible in the same way as in a physical conference, but each panel ends with a ‘questions and answers’ section where the panel speakers can be asked live.

American overweight ...

Among the speakers, the predominance of American professionals is clear this year. Only one Hungarian was included in the offer, Attila Sághi  , Deputy Chief Technical Officer of Városliget Zrt. ,  Presents the Liget Budapest Project with a project management approach.

Undoubtedly, the most exotic performance   promises to be space biologist Michaela Musilova . The specialist, who works as the director of the HI-SEAS (Hawai'i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation) program, will talk about her work: with her colleagues, the so-called under analogous simulation conditions, it explores whether a human-based research base can be established on Mars.

In addition to the aforementioned Agata Czopek, two global vice presidents of PMI will also speak. Otema Yirenkyi  from London  talks about the feasibility of ideas.  And the presentation by Olivier Lazar , who lives in the USA,  deals with the social impact of the project economy in response to the subtitle of the conference (The Project Economy: The Transformative Project Manager from idea to reality).

In addition, there will be an agile methodology and toolkit   interpreted by consultant Beth Oullette (USA). Greta Blash is a  consultant and trainer (USA) returning to Olivier Lazar’s topic of project economics .

All performances will be live, but will also be recorded; the recordings will be made available by PMI Budapest for 30 days after the conference. The detailed program of the conference and the conditions of participation can  be  found here . PMI-certified people can collect 6 PDUs (professional development units) at the event.


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